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Sunflower gold

Despite all climate changes, Marcel Wanders asserts that there’s not enough sunshine in Holland. That’s why his bedroom features orange curtains, that every morning create the illusion of sunshine. Waking up is like bathing in golden light. He caught that same sunlight in his flooring design. Bold, reminiscent of the fiery textures of Van Gogh’s sunflowers, the design is magical and inspired Marcel to write:

Short days longing for light,

windows in want of sunrays.

To top it all, latitude is constant,

ozone is near, the sun’s a distant friend.

And so the Dutch lion seeks its golden shadow.

Running, dust clouds before his eyes,

falling to the magically sun-drenched, shadowless soil,

exhausted, his sunbeamed golden mane aflying.

Marcel Wanders M0112

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Marcel Wanders