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Forbo Flooring Systems receives 2014 Audience Engagement Award!

Forbo Flooring Systems is excited to receive Architectural Record’s 2014 Audience Engagement award for the excellent performance of its “Full Transparency in Product Declarations” continuing education course. The course’s success is a testimony to the value professionals place on fully understanding the impacts a building product has on human health and the environment.

Now is a critical time in the building industry. In order to make informed decisions about the products we choose, we need to fully understand how those products impact human health and the environment. Many manufacturers have begun to release Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) with the intent of providing an “apples-to-apples” product comparison, but unfortunately many of the EPDs exclude the product’s impact on human health and the environment. Forbo developed the “Full Transparency in Product Declarations” course to identify emerging practices involved in quantifying the environmental impacts of building products, and to provide tools that will help professionals demand full transparency from product manufacturers.

Due to the success of “Full Transparency in Product Declarations,” Forbo is pleased to continue the conversation with its newest course “Creating Healthy Healthcare Environments” which expands on the need for product transparency by examining how building products impact the health of patients and caregivers in healthcare facilities. This thoroughly-researched course identifies human health issues and disease risks related to chemicals emitted from many sources, including building materials. It compares the differences between chemical approaches and natural approaches used to address the spread of infectious bacteria in LEED-certified buildings and other healthcare facilities. To learn how to create truly healthy indoor environments by demanding full product transparency and selecting naturally healthy products, please contact your local Forbo Sales Representative, or visit