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Marmoleum sheet & tile installation

The finest floor covering made will not look good nor perform well if it is not installed properly. In the flooring industry, 97%-98% of all complaints are installation, subfloor or maintenance related.

The first step to a successful installation is choosing the right floor covering for the particular application. No one flooring is right for every application. If you have any doubt as to the suitability of a product, check with the manufacturer. With today's technology, flooring products, subfloor preparation products, adhesives and installation techniques change at a rapid pace. It is the responsibility of the installer to assure that the products are installed in strict adherence to the manufacturer's recommendation.

This installation manual is just one of the many technical support services provided by Forbo Flooring Systems. Do not install any floor covering product until you are fully educated and familiar with its installation procedures and that the subfloor and job conditions have been met.

The procedures described in this manual have been carefully developed to offer the best possible situations for a proper and successful installation with Forbo’s flooring products. Following these guidelines will offer the consumer the full value of the manufacturer’s warranty. Any deviation from these instructions may result in an installation failure, which is not related to a manufacturing defect. Failing to follow these guidelines does not relate to the manufacturer’s limited warranty, it only increases the chance of an installation failure.

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